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Presets are saved combinations of sliders to get a desired photo effect in Adobe Lightroom.

They are easy to use, they save your time, give space for creative experiments and give integrity and attractiveness to your Instagram feed.
are these
presets for?
Zhenya Swan Presets are perfect for use for photographers, content makers, bloggers and literally anyone who takes lifestyle and travel pictures, both for personal and commercial purposes.

Check out the hashtag #zhenyaswanpresets to see more examples. You can do the same - or even better.
the Creator
“I have been looking for my own color for over 5 years. I have tried hundreds of different presets from other photographers and learned about editing from dozens of courses - all this has helped me to create my own color palette that distinguishes my pictures. Clients often choose me just because of these special tones and colors they see on my pictures. Now I am sharing this color with you”.
Evgeniya Savina is Included in the top 15 wedding photographers according to Wedding Vibes Magazine and Veter Magazine.

Among her clients are Mercedes-Benz, Virgin Limited, Sony Russia, Leica, Canon, etc.
Her works have been published in Vogue Brides, National Geographic, L’officiel Voyage, Kinfolk USA, Russia Beyond The Headlines, Hello, Wedding Magazine and more.

As a wedding photographer, she has shot weddings in 28+ countries all around the world.

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A desktop pack (for a computer) includes presets in 2 formats:
  • XMP (for recent versions of Adobe Lightroom CC);
  • Lrtemplate (for older versions of Adobe Lightroom);
The mobile packs include presets in dng format.

Any pack also includes a convenient step-by-step PDF-instruction for installing and adapting presets for your pictures.
Why don’t presets cost 10-20 dollars?
Usually there are 2 types of preset creators:

1) Those, who create presets just for sale. Typically, they open Lightroom and make 20-30-50 and even 100 presets which don’t differ from each other too much and you’ll barely find 2-5 presets which are really good and you can use them effectively. These presets are made in 1 day and not much of a deep tone setting and color grading stands behind it. Surely, these packs aren’t expensive and can be sold for a low price as much as 10-20 dollars.

2) And there is another group. These are photographers who have been experimenting with colors and tones for years, who first and foremost, created original presets to optimise their workflow and edit their own pictures in an individual recognisable style. And after hudreds of requests, they decided to share these knowledge and products with others.

So, we don't just share some tools and adjustments, we are giving away a part of our personal individuality in order to inspire you to create something unique and above ordinary. We give away something that we ourselves use on a daily basis. Therefore, it can’t be cheap.

For instance, India Earl is one of my favorite photographers who inspires me a lot and who’s presets I used to use in the past. Her product costs 200 dollars and is worth every cent of it.

So, I hope that now you see the difference and understand that my prices are reasonable for what you’ll get.


Desktop presets will work perfectly in the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom CC.

Lrtemplate format presets will work in previous versions of Lightroom, but older Lightroom may be missing some of the settings existing in the latest versions.

Mobile Presets are designed for the FREE Adobe Lightroom app.

Download for ipad →
Download for iphone →
Download for android →

Step-by-Step installation instructions are included!
How to install presets?

I have created a detailed PDF instruction where you can find step-by-step guide. You will get it together with preset files.

Which picture formats Zhenya Swan Presets are made for?

Desktop presets are ideal for RAW images - the raw format of camera photos, since I shoot in this format and have developed presets especially for it.

Mobile presets are adapted for "less professional" formats: JPEG, HEIC (this is a typical iPhone format) and others.


Yes, for this specifically I have just released mobile preset collections. You can use them in the free Adobe Lightroom app and edit your photos in a couple of clicks.

Do Zhenya Swan Presets also match with Sony cameras (Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax, Apple, Xiaomi ect)?

Yes, the presets are designed for all the cameras and not set up or adjusted for a specific brand of camera or a phone.

Still a little bit of adjustment is need to each photo as they are taken with very different settings and lighting conditions. You can read more about it in the attached step-by-step guide.

But all the photos are different, are the presets suitable for my particular shot?

Yes, a lot depends on the particular photo. But I can say for sure, that the presets are fitting a variety of different types of pictures - you can see from the examples of my shots, that they look great both in indoors portraits and outdoor scenes, and in landscapes and interior shots.

But it is very likely that the preset needs a slight adjustment after application. And here is exactly where the creative part starts! It is always a lot of fun to make the preset work for your work and you will inevitable become a part of the creative process.

How soon will I receive presets?

Presets will be sent automatically within 5 minutes after completing the payment procedure, you do not need to do anything additionally.

Can I purchase your presets from any country?

Absolutely from any! It does not matter if you are from the USA, Europe or Asia. Our website supports payments by any cards, Apple and Google Pay and, of course, PayPal.<.p>

What should I do if a preset email has not arrived after payment?

First of all, check your spam folder, especially if you have gmail. Still didn’t find it?
Try an email search by typing the word “WillTeach”. Still no?
Then contact our technical support: Telegram:

We respond as soon as we can and do our best to help you!

Still have some questions left?
Send us your concerns or questions and we will answer